Congratulations Doreen Garlid!

Congratulations Doreen Garlid!

IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR March 11, 2020  For more information contact: Allison Bodnum, 630-390-0121 Congratulations Doreen Garlid!  Phoenix, 2020–  March 10, 2020 Tempe made history by electing Doreen Garlid to serve on its city council! Garlid’s election was historic, as she will be the first Native American to serve on the Tempe City Council.  Doreen has … Read more

Women Mayors for Regina Rally

Celebrate the women mayors of Arizona on Sunday October 27th! Join Arizona List along with Mayor Kate Gallego, Mayor Coral Evans, Mayor Alexis Hermosillo, Mayor Ginny Dickey, Mayor Anna Tovar, Vice Mayor Lauren Kuby, and Vice Mayor Pat Dennis in supporting and rallying support for the future Mayor of Tucson, Regina Romero at Luna Culture … Read more

Reflection on Rebecca Traister by Evy Wyman

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege to work an event hosted by Arizona List promoting the incredibly sharp feminist writer, Rebecca Traister. The event was filled with the unbelievable joy that comes from like-minded individuals coming together to support a righteous cause. Throughout the event I could barely stop smiling; every moment was embedded with … Read more

The Cost of Gun Violence

Mr. Chair and Members,  Thank you for this opportunity to be heard today. I’m Jennifer Longdon – a mom, a hockey fan, a home cook, a gun owner and a Member of the Arizona House of Representatives. Once upon a time, I was an entrepreneur, an avid hiker, in training for my first world title … Read more

Gun Violence – What am I doing?

Mass shootings in public places scare us.  It could happen to anybody, any time.  We are brought to tears reading about these tragedies, time and again.  6-year-old Stephen Romero at the Garlic Festival and 15-year-old Javier in El Paso were described as happy kids. We must remember their stories and we must work together to … Read more

Kirsten Engel: For criminal justice reform, it is ‘maybe next year’ again

Arizona voters overwhelmingly support criminal justice reform, regardless of party lines and demographic groups. According to the bipartisan advocacy organization,, four out of five voters believe it important to reduce the number of incarcerated people and only 1%want to spend additional tax dollars on jails and prisons. Nevertheless, for yet another year, the Republican … Read more