Congratulations Doreen Garlid!

Congratulations Doreen Garlid!

IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR March 11, 2020  For more information contact: Allison Bodnum, 630-390-0121 Congratulations Doreen Garlid!  Phoenix, 2020–  March 10, 2020 Tempe made history by electing Doreen Garlid to serve on its city council! Garlid’s election was historic, as she will be the first Native American to serve on the Tempe City Council.  Doreen has … Read more

Rep. Andrea Dalessandro – No Flat Tax for Fat Cats

When this session budget was introduced by the Arizona Republicans, we were appalled to see the proposition of a flat tax in Arizona that will greatly hurt Arizonans and leave us in a financially dangerous position in the future. Representative Andrea Dalessandro from LD2 stood up to explain the devastating effects of this proposal on … Read more

Getting Ready for the Battle of 2022: Summer Panels

This legislative session has been one of the most extreme we’ve seen yet. From the sham “audit” led by Senate Republicans, numerous voter suppression, anti-abortion, and anti-education bills, and the disrespect many of the Democratic women faced by the Republican members; this session has been a clear reminder of how important it to flip the … Read more

Staying Up to Date with the Arizona Legislature

This session at the Arizona Legislature has just started and already it’s been one of the most extreme and busiest sessions we’ve seen. With so many extreme bills introduced by far right conservative members and long committee meetings, it’s hard to stay up to date with everything going on. That’s why Arizona List is going … Read more


Check out this article written by Arizona List intern, Sara Ben Abdallah, where she interviews our very own Cathy Nichols. ELECTING WOMEN 101: HOW ARIZONA IS CHANGING THE GAME An interview with Cathy Nichols, Senior Political Consultant of Arizona List. For the first time in decades, Arizona was classified as a swing state in the … Read more

What offices are on your ballot this November?

Not sure about some of the offices on your ballot? Check out Arizona List’s infographics for almost every office on your ballot!        .    .    .     .    .