2018 Vania Guevara

Vania Guevara is a first-generation Salvadoran American. Growing up, Vania’s parents showed her and her siblings the importance of hard work and helping others. Vania was appointed to the Phoenix City Council to represent District 5 in March of 2018.

Vania’s parents immigrated to the United States after civil war broke out in El Salvador. Both grew up in small towns where neighbors relied on each other, and they brought that idea of community support with them to the U.S. When Vania started school her mother fought to ensure she got the best education possible, and encouraged other parents to do the same. Vania learned from her mother’s example that engagement, education, and community empowerment are crucial to success. She became the first person in her family to graduate from college, and went on to earn a Masters in Public Administration and a J.D.

For five years Vania has been a senior advisor to District 5 City Councilman Daniel Valenzuela. In that role she works directly with the people of District 5, engaging their communities and learning about their needs. As a City Councilwoman used this experience to serve and empower these communities, and improve quality of life across the City of Phoenix.