Suzanne Story

Suzanne Story is a dedicated and innovative educator who has devoted twenty years to shaping and supporting Arizona’s youth. Inside and outside of the classroom, Suzanne has always been an outspoken advocate for innovative problem-solving. Suzanne is a listener and is experienced in finding consensus among a diverse group of opinions. She truly sees the individual and seeks to serve every member of the community. An Arizona native, Suzanne is a proud graduate of Arizona public schools, earning a National Merit Scholarship for college. Suzanne graduated from Arizona State University, cum laude, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She soon returned to college earning her teaching certificate and a master’s degree in Education. Public education is a passion for Suzanne, and she hopes to continue to find ways to advocate for education. In her role on the board of supervisors, Suzanne will dedicate herself to listening to her constituents and finding ways to improve Maricopa County for all its citizens. Suzanne is particularly passionate about issues facing juveniles within our criminal justice system, as well as the need for public transportation that reaches the west side of the valley. Suzanne also cares deeply about animal welfare. Suzanne believes that the way to achieve a better Maricopa County is through transparency, responsibility and innovative problem-solving.