2020 Sophia Ramirez

Sophia Ramirez is a Precinct Committee Person for the Democratic Legislative District 24, a volunteer of Moms Demand Action, and on the Democratic Latino Outreach Committee. She was raised by her mother and father. Her family lived in Mexico for Sophia’s early life and moved to Arizona when she was in fourth grade to take advantage of what this country had to offer. Sophia was taught the value of hard work from a young age and raised to take decisive action in her community. She understands the struggle of someone who is not native and felt she needed to fight back. Seeking the opportunity to give back, she began to search for opportunities where she could take action. She started with the Adios Arpaio campaign and blossomed from there. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her fiancé Cody and her children Isaac and Grecia. Sophia, in 2019 along with her aunt, launched a podcast which focuses on how Latina women have evolved into the women we want to be and become. Her vision is to unify children, the community, and the district.