Sharon Girard

Sharon Girard has spent over thirty years as a Physician Assistant, working with Planned Parenthood, rural and migrant health clinics, and emergency departments. As a volunteer in free clinics she worked closely with women, men and families who had no health insurance, or not enough. Their stories and struggles spurred Sharon to political advocacy and action. She is a lecturer and published women’s health author, specializing in adolescent pregnancies. She founded the Women Health Conferences and spent several years working in the healthcare field in England. As a State Representative, Sharon will prioritize healthcare for all, high quality public education, and equal rights for Arizonans. Her years of experience in the healthcare field have resulted in a deep understanding of many of the critical issues facing Arizona, including the opioid crisis, and the challenges of accessing healthcare in rural areas. A proud advocate for public schools, Sharon will work to increase teacher pay and school funding, and will fight for policies that will grow jobs in LD 8 and across Arizona. You can learn more about her at her website here.