Sarah Tyree

A native of Arizona, Sarah was born in Laveen and raised in Maryvale. She grew up in a single parent home, surviving abuse and poverty. She graduated from Trevor Browne High School at the age of 17. After graduating, she joined the United States Army and served our country for 8 years. At the age of 21, she received her first Undergrad Degree in Social Work, followed by a second in Political Science, with a Master’s Degree in Social Work as well. After college, her work in the non-profit sector allowed her to work with legislators in Tennessee and Utah providing knowledge, testifying in committee hearings and writing bills to help provide safety and security for constituents. It also allowed her to work together, with other, vulnerable and systemically oppressed populations. She currently serves as the Medical Special Needs Coordinator at Luke Air Force Base where she’s able to continue giving back to her sisters and brothers in arms, by serving their families. As a small business owner, she believes in autonomy. More than ever, she appreciates the freedom of choice, because it has allowed her to step away from a world of survival and move into a world of abundance. She is a firm believer in justice for all and not just some. Sarah believes not just in equality, but in equity and that together, as a community, everyone can succeed.