Mary “Kathleen” Honne is a lifelong Arizonan, she grew up in Southern Arizona and married her high school sweetheart.  At an early age Kathleen learned the values of citizenship, responsibility, and service through 4-H and FFA. As a wife, a mom and a grandmother she knew firsthand the challenges that face Arizona’s families and each generation. As an educator having served for more than 20 years in either the classroom or administration she has counseled children, colleagues, and supervisors; balanced multi-million-dollar budgets; and navigated bureaucratic red-tape. As a community leader she knows our strengths and our struggles. As your elected representative she will use all her skills to magnify and increase our strengths and compassionately confront our struggles for our common good, our community, and our state. As we write this candidate statement our state economy – and the national economy – is in spasms caused by the public health crisis of Covid-19. By the time you read this, we hope a more “normal” daily life will have resumed and that you and your loved ones are well. This economic disruption brought into high relief the inequities of the previous status quo – in housing, health care, and education to name just a few. It is not news that there is inequality – what is news is that it is now so much more clearly seen. And what is now seen will not be unseen. Kathleen is an Arizonan who recognizes our individual well-being is woven tightly with our collective well-being. Favoritism and special interests have starved our schools, fragmented our health care system, filled our prisons, and left too many behind and without a path forward. As a teacher her students learned about the five “Cs” that defined Arizona’s economic history – cattle, cotton, copper, citrus and climate. As your Representative she will honor that history by making sure our political future is defined by the three “Cs” of competence, character, and compassion.