Lynsey Robinson

Lynsey Robinson was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She believes that immigrants are part of the fabric of America. Specifically, Haiti has a long history with the U.S., dating back to the Revolutionary War where Haiti fought alongside America to help it gain independence from Great Britain. Lynsey came to America at the age of eight and grew up in New York. As a former DREAMer, teacher and attorney, she believes that education is essential for our children to fulfill their full potential and for America to remain competitive in the world. Lynsey believes that we are living in unprecedented times. COVID-19 has placed a spotlight on the areas that we need our leaders to address right away and as we come out of this pandemic we have to be prepared to meet the challenges that will emerge. 

Our public schools more than ever must have the support that it needs to meet those challenges. Whether  our students remain online, return to brick and mortar and or some combination; we must be  nimble, and fully fund our schools as a priority for the future of our children. if Arizona families are to succeed, our public schools must receive appropriate funding to deal with the demands of our growing demographics and dynamics. As the wife of an entrepreneur, she supports the growth of small and local businesses. She believes that stay home orders are necessary to protect life but recognizes that our local businesses are hit the hardest by the pandemic.  As a response we must fully support them with appropriate legislation.  As we emerge from the pandemic, she will support large and sweeping legislation to get our local economy soaring because a strong, robust business community supports families and keeps our district thriving.