2018 - Katie Paetz

Katie Paetz currently serves the Osborn Board as its President. An experienced teacher, for 12 years she’s worked in Arizona schools. In that time she’s been a staunch advocate for student growth and excellence in our public schools. As board president she’s fought for policy protecting all gender identities, led the process of selecting a new superintendent, and ensured a successful local bond-override election.

Katie believes it is not enough to score well on tests. We must inspire our students to find their passions, develop useful skills, and create a love for learning. During Katie’s tenure, the board has maintained a proven record of success. Under her supervision, it opened the Montecito dual-language preschool, and supported award-winning arts and music programs.

Katie pledges to continue to work with the Osborn community from the viewpoint of a teacher, leader, and dedicated advocate to continue Osborn’s legacy of success.