2018 - Katie Hobbs

As the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Katie Hobbs has lead and continues to lead the Arizona Democratic Caucus in their tough fight against extremist legislation that harms women, children and families. As a Senator, she has passed important legislation expanding health care, protecting domestic violence victims and stopping cuts to education.

As a professional social worker who managed one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the United States, Katie has had to deal with big budgets, large staffs and complicated problems. She comes both with the knowledge of how to manage a multimillion dollar budget as well as a deep understanding of the political process in our state.

Katie has a commitment to protect every citizen’s right to vote and restore confidence in Arizona’s election system. She understands how critical it is  that our voter data is secure and that our fundamental right to a free and fair election is guaranteed. Katie is not willing to sit back when this key right in our democracy is at risk.