Felicia French

Felicia is a third generation Arizonian, with a proven commitment to public service. She served 32 years in the U.S. Army and Arizona National Guard, rising from Private to Colonel. During her three decades of service, Felicia was a medical evacuation helicopter pilot, an army nurse, an equal opportunity officer, a medical advisor, and a commander. After retiring from the military, Felicia volunteered with Civil Air Patrol and Search & Rescue, while also serving as a registered nurse and college educator. She currently volunteers with Take Pride Pine and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  As a veterans’ hospice nurse, Felicia earned a Bachelor’s in Nursing and a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Solutions from Arizona State University, and a Master’s in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. Felicia is well-versed in matters of the military, healthcare, and education, which has shaped her political platform. She is a strong advocate for military and Veteran’s Affairs, affordable healthcare for all, improving our education system starting with early-childhood, and the creation of more sustainable jobs.