Dr. Gerae Peten

Dr. Peten, with 30+ years of experience in education, rising from teacher to superintendent to construction supervisor to consultant, is helping to address Arizona’s educational crisis. Having a Doctorate in Education – Curriculum and Instruction; a Master of Science in Construction Management; a Master of Arts in Supervision and Administration; and Bachelor of Arts in Vocational Education gives her the ability to address the struggles of the unskilled worker or the college graduate, the administrator wrestling a budget or the electrician wrestling with new city codes; the management of people and the management of materials. Her top priorities are education, access to health care, a safe and clean environment, living wage jobs, and affordable housing; and reducing mass incarceration so that Arizona is number one in Education not Incarceration.  She currently serves as the Ranking Democrat on the Land & agriculture Committee; also, a member of the Education and State & International Affairs Committees.