2018 - Rep. Athena Salman

State Representative Athena Salman was elected to the House in 2016, and is recognized as a progressive leader fighting for the full spectrum of human rights and a free society. A native Arizonan, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with degrees in Economics and Political Science in 2011.

In light of severe budget cuts by the Arizona legislature in 2009, Rep. Salman organized hundreds of students to advocate for higher education funding and legislation. Beginning in 2011, she began working on campaigns to expand Latino voter engagement, increasing Latino voter turnout one year by nearly 500%. She also fought for higher working conditions as a union shop steward, empowered women and girls through Girl Scouts, and built community support for early childhood development working for a state agency. She was proud to be recognized in 2016 as Tempe’s MLK Diversity Award recipient for her work in the community.

As a State Representative, Athena Salman has been a strong voice for progressive values, and a defender of women’s rights. During her first year in the legislature, Rep. Salman fought for increased voter participation through automatic voter registration, mandating timely and thorough processing of all rape kits submitted to law enforcement agencies, and expanding access to abortion services by removing the unnecessary and onerous hospital admitting privileges requirement for providers.