Julie Gunnigle

The top progressive issue for Julie on this campaign is criminal justice reform. Julie is running with her felony prosecution experience on a platform of sentencing reform, bond reform, ending cash bail, and eliminating private prisons. Criminal justice reform is important to Julie because it is at the core of her experience as a prosecutor in Cook County. As a local Arizonan, she wants to rid Maricopa County of the continuous corruption, rather than focusing on prosecuting low-level drug offenses like the current county attorney. This focus would be fiscally responsible to taxpayers and cut down on the dichotomy of racial sentencing that unfairly impacts people of color. Julie is the mother of three school-aged children and a practicing attorney. Raised in LD 15, she left Arizona in 2003 to attend Notre Dame Law School. She practiced as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Indiana and Illinois and then returned to Arizona where she teaches at Arizona Summit Law School and advocates for better education and maternity care within our state. She also runs a part-time law office focusing on Special Education and Birth Law issues.