2016 - F. Ann Rodriguez

F. Ann was reelected for her sixth term as Recorder in 2012. In 2002 she received two Special Recognition Awards. In 2004, Rodriguez received the Arizona Democratic Party’s second place “Democrat of the Year” award. Rodriguez has given her time to the community by being a part of several boards, such as Kids Voting and Parent Aid Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

How F. Ann has Helped Arizona

F. Ann Rodriguez was the first ever Hispanic female to be elected to countywide office in Pima County and continues to be the single highest “vote-getter” of all Pima County elected officials. As the Pima County Recorder, she has significantly automated and modernized the Pima County Recorder’s office. She has also broadened the exposure to vote-by-mail and walk-in early voting with aggressive media campaigns and expanded satellite voting sites to raise public awareness of this convenient, voter-friendly method of casting a ballot.