2014 - Lynne Pancrazi

After serving in the Arizona House of Representatives representing LD24, Lynne Pancrazi was elected to the Arizona State Senate in 2012 by voters in the new LD4.  She received a Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Elementary Education. Pancrazi has dedicated herself throughout her life to teaching and education. As a legislator she served to better the quality of education in the state of Arizona.

How Lynne has helped Arizona

Lynne Pancrazi helped pass a law that permits the board of supervisors to spend public funds for maintenance of roads and streets that have been designated as primitive roads, or a road that was not constructed according to county standards. In addition, she sponsored bills advancing education, including one that would conduct an annual study to ensure that the textbooks used in the school districts and charter schools of Arizona are aligned to the academic standards adopted by the state board.