2010 - Leah Landrum Taylor

Leah Landrum Taylor was re-elected to the Arizona state senate in 2012 where she was chosen by her peers to serve as the minority leader. She serves on K-12 Education, Natural Resources and Rural Affairs and the Public Safety and Human Resources Committee. Taylor attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and received her Bachelor’s and Master degree in Political Science at Arizona State University. Taylor has campaigned for Foster Care and Adoption issues as well as Kinship Care Legislation. She is also the founder and vice president of the non-profit organization Landrum Foundation. This organization is designed to financially support and preparation for students throughout their post-secondary education.

How Leah has Helped Arizona

Leah Landrum Taylor helped sponsor the energy authority of Arizona, a corporate and political body that would support, diversify and expand the Arizona energy economy. In addition, she co-sponsored legislation that would create a joint and politically diverse legislative committee on relations between Arizona and the Indian nations as well as a bill that would establish Arizona veteran supportive campuses.