Randi Dorman

I’ve loved Tucson from the first time I visited and knew this is where I wanted to raise a family and build a home, business and life. After Rob and I got engaged nearly two decades ago, I moved here from New York City where I had a successful career in advertising and global branding. We moved right into downtown Tucson, and I immediately got to work having a positive impact on our community.

Rob and I and our partners developed the Ice House Lofts, Arizona’s first residential loft conversion in 2002, well before Downtown Tucson’s revitalization. People thought we were crazy, but we had the vision to see what our city center could become: a place that blended the old with the new and celebrated what made Tucson unique.

I have worked hard to have a positive impact on our community through my work as the Chairwoman of the Downtown Tucson Partnership and President of the Museum of Contemporary Art. I have always strived to make downtown Tucson a place that blends the old with the new, celebrates what makes Tucson unique and be the place where people of all ages want to live, work and play. Now I want us to take that same vision and energy and find opportunities throughout Tucson.