16th Annual Event

March 7, 2020 Arizona List held their Annual Event honoring outstanding women in our communities with the key-note speaker being Karine Jean-Pierre. At the breakfast in Phoenix, our awardees included; Raquel Terán who was awarded for her inspiring fact-finding mission seeing first-hand the effect criminalizing abortions has on women; Jennifer Longdon for being a relentless … Read more

Celebrating Black History Month: Betty & Jean Fairfax

Betty & Jean Fairfax Teachers, philanthropists, & advocates for educational equity During this Black History Month, Arizona List would like to commemorate and honor two important women who worked to improve the education system in Arizona and touched the hearts of many. Knowing the women who have changed the state gives us a better understanding … Read more

Reflection on Rebecca Traister by Evy Wyman

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege to work an event hosted by Arizona List promoting the incredibly sharp feminist writer, Rebecca Traister. The event was filled with the unbelievable joy that comes from like-minded individuals coming together to support a righteous cause. Throughout the event I could barely stop smiling; every moment was embedded with … Read more

The Cost of Gun Violence

Mr. Chair and Members,  Thank you for this opportunity to be heard today. I’m Jennifer Longdon – a mom, a hockey fan, a home cook, a gun owner and a Member of the Arizona House of Representatives. Once upon a time, I was an entrepreneur, an avid hiker, in training for my first world title … Read more

Gun Violence – What am I doing?

Mass shootings in public places scare us.  It could happen to anybody, any time.  We are brought to tears reading about these tragedies, time and again.  6-year-old Stephen Romero at the Garlic Festival and 15-year-old Javier in El Paso were described as happy kids. We must remember their stories and we must work together to … Read more